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  1. Are all available videos found in the Library?

  2. Are the videos downloadable?

  3. Are there any free courses offered?

  4. Are you going to have certificates of completion?

  5. Are you going to have pre and post assessment testing?

  6. Can I change my username and/or password?

  7. Can I get more than one free-trial?

  8. Can I manage multiple seats as a company?

  9. Can I share my subscription with a colleague or friend?

  10. Can I upgrade to a paid subscription before my trial ends?

  11. Can I watch a segment of a video rather than viewing it entirely?

  12. Can you watch individual sections of a video?

  13. Define Queues?

  14. Do all videos offer downloadable supplements?

  15. Do you accept checks or purchase orders as a means of payment?

  16. Do you accept PayPal as a means of payment?

  17. Do you have a career path on the site for certain types of developers?

  18. Do you have a secure website for online purchasing?

  19. Do you have sample code and supplemental materials?

  20. Do you offer any volume discounts?

  21. Do you offer group and or enterprise organization discounts?

  22. Do you offer multiple seat subscriptions?

  23. Do you offer subscriptions? What is your pricing?

  24. Do you sell your courses individually?

  25. How can I remove a user from my business subscription?

  26. How do I add a user to my business subscription plan?

  27. How do I become a WintellectNOW author?

  28. How do I become a WintellectNOW author?

  29. How do I cancel my subscription

  30. How do I cancel my trial?

  31. How do I change my credit card information?

  32. How do I change the business subscription manager?

  33. How do I create and use Queues?

  34. How do I download supplemental materials?

  35. How do I navigate through the video library?

  36. How do I sort the video library?

  37. How do you define a series?

  38. How do you export the reporting results?

  39. How does an individual subscribe?

  40. How will my users be notified that I have added them to my business subscription?

  41. I can’t find the course topic I want/need?

  42. I can’t find the course topic I want/need?

  43. I don’t have a credit card? How can I pay for a subscription?

  44. I don’t want my account to renew automatically. How do I make the change?

  45. I would love to try WintellectNOW. Can I get a free trial?

  46. Is it possible to get a printed receipt for my monthly payment?

  47. Is my subscription transferable if I change jobs?

  48. Is WintellectNOW available on any browsers?

  49. My credit card doesn't work. What should I do?

  50. What are bookmarks and how do I use them?

  51. What are downloadable video supplements?

  52. What are managed users?

  53. What are management reports?

  54. What are the browser and system requirements for WintellectNow?

  55. What are the browser and system requirements for WintellectNOW?

  56. What do you receive as a WintellectNOW subscriber?

  57. What if I have additional questions?

  58. What is the average duration of a video?

  59. What is WintellectNOW?

  60. What is your refund policy?

  61. What level of technical expertise do I need to have?

  62. What reporting is available?

  63. What will I learn from WintellectNOW?

  64. When my monthly subscription ends what happens?

  65. Who writes the content?

  66. Why WintellectNOW?

  67. Will the courses work on my cell phones and slate devices?

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